Water System Services

From Rainwater Catchment to Greywater to Irrigation, we can help you make the most of precious water resources.


“Saving for a non-rainy day”.
In the Bay Area we have a gorgeous and mild climate, but it comes at a price: 6 or more months with no rain. And in the recent drought years we have even had to turn irrigation on in the winter months. While native and drought tolerant plants are better adapted to our Mediterranean climate, they need water to establish and will always look better with supplemental water. Rainwater catchment systems are a great way to capture what falls from the sky and store it for the dry season. Tanks range in size from 50 to 5000 gallons and can be connected to increase storage capacity. The more gallons stored, the more you will be able to water in our long dry season. Tanks can be placed above or below ground depending on your space and needs.


In a time of water scarcity it is important to be mindful of how much we use. What if you could get two uses out of each drop of water you buy from the city or pump from your well? Greywater is just that. You use it once to bathe or wash your clothes and then you can safely use it again to water your landscape.

Our greywater systems range from a simple laundry to landscape application, where water from your clothes washing machine feeds plants everytime you run a load, to more complex systems that can filter and treat water from your showers and sinks for a scheduled application to the landscape.


Functional irrigation systems are critical to the health and survival of your landscape. We specialize in installing easy-to use systems specifically tailored to the water needs of your plants. We can repair or retrofit your old system or install a new state of the art water-wise system that will save you money while conserving valuable water resources.

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